Sunday, August 25, 2013

Backyard talks on the swing

Our backyard porch swing is one of our favorite places to be. Isn't it great that we can have an area that we love to be in our own space? I am quite positive I've written about it before. While there are times our neighbors can be noisy, even raucous, those aren't the norm. Usually it's a pretty peaceful place to be.

It also happens to be one of Rachel's favorite places. So, this morning, when I got up at 7:30 I wasn't surprised to find her out on the swing, wrapped in a soft velvety red blanket that my niece gave us. Soon we were both swinging, enjoying the scent of the jasmine, the beauty of the roses, the white puffy clouds against the blue sky, and definitely the chill of a California morning. It was heavenly.

Even more heavenly was our conversation...all about home, and being here, and what it means to her. I am grateful that she loves us, and our home.

I love that our children, children-in-law and grandchildren love our home, and being with us here. I love that they know they are always welcome to be here, and that we cherish those moments with them.

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