Thursday, August 1, 2013


Our home is nestled between I-5, Hwy 99, and 120. Living where we live is great for getting around.

Today, when I went to Ripon, I drove down Hwy 99. There is a lot of construction going on, and the 'speed limit' is 55. (ha!) That means everyone is going around 65+. On the way home I opted to take country roads, and since I wasn't paying that much attention, I ended up turning sooner than I had planned. So, I came down Main St instead of Union, but didn't really want to go down Main, since it is more crowded, and has a lot more lights. To avoid that I hopped onto 120, and took it to Airport (in case I decided to go to Costco), which is 3 miles from our home.

I ended up not going to Costco, but it made me think about the multiple options we have here for taking roads to our destinations. We can choose city/busy, or country/light. It's nice that we have so many options, I'm grateful we are centrally located.

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