Friday, August 23, 2013

Morning company

Rach arrived late last night after attending class/lab yesterday and the long drive. It was wonderful to have her here, safe and sound. This morning Pat had to leave early for work, and I hadn't gone to sleep until 2 AM, so I was being a little lazy. I had gotten up, opened the blinds around the house, then gone back to bed (since we have to share a bathroom with her since my mom occupies the other one). A minute or so later I notice that Rach has come in to use the bathroom, and once she comes out she plops down on my bed, and starts telling me about her day yesterday.

I've missed her.

I'm grateful that we could have a morning to just talk for a bit before getting on with our day. Tomorrow we are going to the Sacramento temple (her first time to go through a session there) so we will have no time for lingering. Then on Sunday she is planning on leaving fairly early; again, no time for a morning chat. So, I'm especially grateful that we could just spend a little time together in our jammies, on my bed, chatting it up. :)

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