Friday, August 30, 2013


This afternoon Craig, Angie, Lucas and Darci arrived. :)

When we met them outside of  the hotel Lucas looked up and said, "Is this where you live now?" No, buddy, it is not where we live! He couldn't contain his excitement as we took them to their room and then he saw ours. You'd have thought it was a mansion! He was very impressed.

We then met up with Sam's family for dinner, and had a great time. All the children behaved themselves, and the adults actually did as well. Imagine that!

After that we went back to Sam & Linzi's to celebrate Darci's 2nd birthday. One of the cutest things was that Rylee had written a birthday card for "Drsee" wishing her a happy birthday from her 'scrt amyr' (secret admirer) and telling her that she loves her 'sosososososososo much'!

We had birthday cake, and then the kids went out to play on the swingset/playground equipment. At one point when I was swinging Darci I asked Chloe if she wanted grandpa to swing her, Darci softly replied, "Yeah". So cute.

Soon birthday presents were opened and everyone was happy about that; especially Lucas who secretly knows that he will be able to play with Darci's puzzle and pony. ;)

The fun thing was to watch the cousins interact with each other and have an automatic love for one another, just because they are family.

Now - on another note. We divided up most of the children's books at our house to give to each family. Rach took Amy's family's home with her last weekend. Yesterday she took the books to Amy's. Apparently it was as good, if not better, than Christmas! In fact, this morning James went to Gav and said, "Want to go downstairs and read books?" first thing this morning. Gav's reply, "No."

They are all so cute. We are blessed to have each of them in our lives.

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