Tuesday, August 20, 2013


For several weeks now I've had a tooth that is sensitive to cold, or eating. Since we are going to Idaho soon I figured I'd have it looked at before we leave. This morning I called our dentist's office to see when they can get me in...half an hour later I was at the dentist's office. They took an x-ray, then the Dr. did a few things to determine which of my teeth were affected. Once he put the cold mist on my tooth I felt it immediately (I actually 'tested' it again last night, sure enough it hurt!). He determined which tooth it was, and I now have an appointment to get a crown in September. Oh boy!

Even though this whole business of going to the dentist is not fun I am grateful they could get me in quickly, and that we have the finances to pay for our portion of what my bill will be.

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