Sunday, August 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Miss Darci!

Little Miss Darci is two today! Why is it that I'm always amazed that those years have gone by? Why do I always feel like... wasn't she just born? Yet, it seems like she has belonged to our family always. Fortunately, she always will belong to our family. Thank goodness!

Darci is a little sweetie. Don't get me wrong, she can give her mommy and daddy a difficult time, but all in all, she is sweet. I love when we skype/google with her and she gets so excited to see us. However...the cat wins over us, she is especially excited to see Missy, just like her cousins are. So cute! Last time when we skyped she was pretending to be a puppy, and did these cute little barking noises. Then she decided to be a kitty and she suddenly had this very deep sounding "MeOW"!! It was pretty funny!

I'm excited that we get to celebrate her birthday with her in a few weeks when we are in Idaho for Maci's blessing. We don't often get to see our grandkids on or near their birthdays, but this year we get to see Darci near hers. Yay!

I'm so grateful for Darci being in our family - she is smart, sweet, loving, friendly, beautiful, funny, and kind. She and Lucas are best friends, which is so heartwarming. What a blessing she is to us.

Happy 2nd Birthday Darci! We love you!

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