Thursday, August 29, 2013

Date with Rylee

We are in Idaho! We arrived in Twin Falls at 12:30 am. We spent the night at a La Quinta for the first time ever! I have to say I was happily surprised and impressed. Fortunately I had a decent night's sleep...wish I could say the same for Pat. Months ago when we began planning this trip it was about the time Rylee's summer vacation started. In order to help Rylee improve in her reading over summer we told her that if she read daily we would take her on a date when we came. Tonight was the night!! We let her choose where to go and she was determined to go to Pizza Pie Cafe (formerly known as Craigo's.) She was ecstatic to have pizza, pasta, soda, and dessert pizza! She really enjoyed herself! And now Sadie can't wait for her date! Start reading. Sadie! We'll be on a date before you know it! PS - our newest granddaughter, Maci, is Adorable! :)

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