Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Birthday wishes!

Today I turned 57! FIFTY-SEVEN!!! How in the world did that happen???

This morning as I was waking up I thought of my parents, and felt grateful to them for giving me this life. I was born on their ninth anniversary, which means that they were married 66 years ago today! (too bad my dad was only around for 45 of those, but that's another topic) My mom called a little while ago to wish me "happy birthday", and I in turn wished her "happy anniversary!". When I expressed my gratitude for her she said she looks back and realizes all the mistakes she made, and she is amazed that we all love her. Who wouldn't? My mom is amazing. Truly. She makes me laugh, she makes me feel better about who I am, and she has been known to help me through difficult times. I love her, and my dad.

I am grateful for those who care about me and have taken the time to wish me a 'happy birthday'. I have received phone calls, emails, texts, and Facebook messages with expressions of love and happiness. All of that, makes my birthday happy... it's all about the people who love you, and who you are grateful for.

And this...

is the closest I will get to having a birthday cake today!
Instead I am going to celebrate with Amy, Rach, etc. in Oregon on Friday!

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