Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Family love and support

We are going through a bit of a trial over here. One of the greatest blessings is how supportive our kids are, and how they are showing their love for us. Rachel thought of having a family fast for Pat. That, I think, will take place tomorrow. (he's not dying or anything, don't worry; just an unexpected illness that will take it's toll on us in multiple ways, and a basal cell carcinoma that came out of nowhere.) Craig, Angie and family nearly jumped in their car to come and visit. (so kind and thoughtful). Amy has been texting me and offering her support and encouragement (I am positive Brad is supportive as well, he loves us too). Sam called, Linzi texted...all worried about their amazing and wonderful dad and dad-in-law. All in all, we are feeling the love and are SO grateful for each of them, for their love and support.

To all of those mentioned above - I cannot express how you have touched my heart. We need your love and your support more than you know. Thank you.

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