Friday, August 10, 2012

Oh, happy day!

This morning we left Yreka, CA, for greener pastures up yonder...called Oregon. As we were driving Pat even commented how this scenery really fits who we are. Interestingly enough I had a similar thought as we drove through northern California, which feels so much more like home to me than the central valley ever could. I love. Love. LOVE that area. It truly speaks to my soul, much like the ocean does. There is just something about the mountains, the rivers, the pine trees that make me want to run away and dwell in a cabin, with a much simpler lifestyle. Oh well, at least I can admire it from time to time up close and personal!

Speaking of up close and personal, last night as we drove through the small town of Yreka two deer almost hit our car! Yes (for those Gilmore Girl fans out there, you know what I mean!), they were just about to jump into our car...not literally in our car! Thankfully they didn't or this would not be a happy day!

There are reasons for me to have had a happy day, for which I am truly grateful for. They are (in no particular order): 1) little boys that love me, even Jack, who was not sold on the idea at first, 2) my sweet daughters - celebrating my birthday by going to the Scandinavian festival (because we are Swedish), going swimming at the hotel, and eating oh -so -yummy chocolate eclair cake, 3) being in Oregon, simply enjoying it's beauty, 4) really liking our hotel, 5) goodnight stories, hugs and kisses, and, 6) safe travels Not bad for one day, right?!

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  1. We love having you here!! I wouldn't complain if you were many hours closer :) (i literally shrugged my shoulders while i was typing this as if you could see me say this...) And I am still up planning our trip for tomorrow :)