Thursday, August 30, 2012

Following Counsel

Our Prophet, Apostles, and church leaders have counseled us over the years on many subjects. One of those subjects is to get out of debt and stay out of debt. We have, throughout our marriage, followed that counsel. Truthfully, it wasn't always easy. We saw many friends that we knew were in debt taking extravagant vacations, buying things for their children that we knew they couldn't afford. Sometimes our decision not to purchase things or go on extravagant vacations for our kids were difficult.

I am a saver. I save for rainy days. When we moved back to California it about killed me to pay so much for our home. I strongly felt that the market could crash, and that we would be on the losing end. Now, that is where we find ourselves - upside down in our home. However, we are making great strides to remedy that situation.

Pat has been unable to work for over a week with this illness. His company doesn't offer sick leave, so whatever vacation time we have is being eaten up, hour by hour. I stress about several things, one is family, the other is money; even though we have plenty in the bank, I am always feeling the pressure...if it's spent, it is gone, never to return.

At any rate - today I got in my car to go to the store and as I turned the key I heard this struggle to start..."click, click, click", and then nothing. I called our auto shop and they said to either tow it in or drive it in, whichever one works. (I did not want to take it shopping since I didn't want to be stuck in the parking lot at the store, of course.) So, in an hour or so I will try to start my car again, and if it runs, Pat and I will take it to the shop where we are hopeful that it is just a battery, or something simple.

I am grateful that we follow the counsel of our church leaders, and save our money, most of the time. Because, even though we will have to pay hefty medical bills, and my car is having problems, we have the money saved for that. It is in the bank, waiting to be used for such an occasion as these are. I am so grateful for the wise counsel from our leaders.


  1. here here! sorry about the car troubles!!

    1. Thanks Angie! Fortunately it was a battery...$157 later! At least it's taken care of! :)