Saturday, August 11, 2012

Happy birthday Gavin!!!

Our grandson, Gav celebrated his second birthday today. We all went to the Oregon coast to enjoy his birthday. We enjoyed the aquarium there, especially the seals, sea lions and the sharks. We then attempted to enjoy a picnic on the beach, which we would've were it not for the 30 mph winds!

On to plan b--to find a restaurant that serves yummy seafood, minus the sand! That we did! We all enjoyed our meals, the company and our surroundings.

More than anything we all are grateful for Gavin being an important part of our family. Each of us remember the circumstances of his birth, the danger he and Amy were both in, and continue to be grateful for Gavin's miraculous journey here.

Some things I love about Gav: 1) he has a great sense of humor 2) music moves him - just play the theme music from star wars, Indiana Jones or superman, and watch him go into action! 3) he loves books, and stuffed animals 4) he loves being outside, whether it's going for a walk, picking up rocks, or playing with bubbles and chalk Where Gav is concerned there is much to love.

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