Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Doers of the word

Don't you love hearing about others going out of their way to give service to those in need? Sometimes they don't even know why they are going and doing, they just do. They end up blessing those they serve as well as themselves.

Recently a sister in our ward (who has four children and her husband is serving in Kosovo) has had a sick little family. The baby, who is six months old, has bronchitis and RSV. She attended Stake Conference (just before he became sick), and while walking to her car was answering someone else who was talking to her in the parking lot and ended up tripping and falling, with the baby in her arms. Knowing she couldn't break her fall, she just did the best she could trying to protect him. Obviously she was injured, becoming all scraped up. Then she became sick as well. Her two year old also became ill.

When I found out I went over to check on her and we chatted for a while. Later, that evening, Pat and I were going out to get our food for dinner and he suggested we find out if she had any dinner plans. I did, and she got right back to me telling me that another sister was going to pick up dinner for them.

Our RS president bore her testimony in Sacrament meeting and shared an experience that she was prompted to go and visit a sister she visit teaches. She thought it an odd prompting, especially since it was so early in the month. She went anyway. When she got there she discovered that their house had been broken into. Of course that sister needed someone to talk to.

I love that I know so many people that are 'doers'. You find out someone is having a difficult time and you go and do. You listen to the promptings of the spirit, and you go and do. Sometimes we don't know why we were prompted; perhaps the person wasn't willing to share that reason, or we are just being tested to see if we will be obedient. Whatever the reason, I am grateful that we are doers of the word, and I'm grateful that we aren't alone in that. There are many, many, people who give of their time and talents to enrich the lives of others. I am so grateful for them.

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