Saturday, February 2, 2013

The best gift ever!

This afternoon Pat and I attended a baptism for one of our friend's granddaughters. Her mom was one of my girls in Primary at age 11, right along with Rachel and 14 other girls! And her mom was one of my favorite friends to visit teach. Ever. Seriously. We are still close, we just don't see each other often enough. This has been a tough year for them since Lisa's other daughter, Jennifer, was killed in a car accident back in March 2012.

Back to the subject...

If you have ever attended an LDS baptism you know that one person speaks on baptism, while another speaks on the Holy Ghost. I have been to many baptisms in my time, given a few of those talks myself. But, today, when Taylor's Primary teacher was speaking to her on how she would be receiving the gift of the  Holy Ghost she mentioned how it is the best gift ever. She said, 'It doesn't require batteries, is there for you when you need it, wherever you are, and never breaks.'

Her teacher also mentioned some of the gifts that come from having the Holy Ghost with you. One of those gifts mentioned was courage. Then she told how she is a shy person, and that it is hard for her to get in front of everyone and give a talk. She related that the Holy Ghost gives you courage to do those things. I can attest to that. Taylor is also shy. She explained that in Primary when she is asked to give a talk, or say a prayer, or read a scripture, that the Holy Ghost will give her the courage to do so.

I thought her Primary teacher did an awesome job. What a great way to explain to a child the amazing gift received when confirmed a member of the church. I am so very grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost in my life...I love him.

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