Sunday, February 3, 2013


In our family we've always taken time to make sure we knew everyone's schedule. Usually our scheduling sessions would take place at Family Home Evening; a time when we knew everyone would be present! (physically, if not otherwise) Not too long ago Pat suggested we schedule things for the upcoming year, as well as we can. So, today, he took out the Stake calendar and we got busy, scheduling all of his known meetings and talks throughout the year.

On a personal note, there's not much going on. We are looking forward to a visit from Rach at some point in time. Amy, Brad and their little misters will be visiting around Easter for his family reunion. (we get to steal them away for a few days too!) And there is the hope that we will make it out to Utah/Idaho at some point in time. Other than that...nada...well, except for the Engineer of the Year award thing, that's something, right?

Now that I'm 'talking' about our scheduling we seem pretty mundane. Oh well. Regardless, I am grateful we try to know one another's schedule, and that we have a few things to look forward to this year. :)

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