Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happy Birthday baby-girl!

Happy Birthday to our darling Rachel "Fevon"!

We are both so grateful for all the joy you have brought to our lives. You were an unexpected/early surprise and we knew instantly that this is where you chose to be. It was pretty obvious right from the start that you chose to have us as your parents, and you knew the time that you needed to be here...just so that you could have your big sis be your best pal.

We are grateful for Your:
Fierce of God, and Jesus Christ.
Love of family.
Sense of adventure.
Love of others/friends.
Ability to move forward; always learning and growing.
Sense of responsibility.
Joy of life.

At this time you are busy, busy, busy! When you aren't working or at school you are; learning piano, running/walking, visiting with Amy's family (those three little mister's sure love you!), serving in your calling, being with friends, serving in the temple, and occasionally having heart-felt talks with your mom.

We love you, we miss you, we are grateful for you in our lives. No matter how far away you are, or where this life road takes you, you are always and forever...eternally, in our hearts.

Happy Birthday love!

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