Monday, February 18, 2013

President's Day

I confess, I love and am grateful for President's Day for more than just the fact that we celebrate Washington's and Lincoln's birthdays. (though of all the president's to me they are the ones worth celebrating!)

However, for me it symbolizes family time...and Rachel's birthday. No, she wasn't born on President's Day, but her birthday is in two days so we spent several of her birthdays on President's Day. Pat, for years, had this day off (and thanks to working at another company now, does again), which turned it into a day for our family to do something fun together. We would often find ourselves at Yosemite, riding the bus, hiking to Yosemite Falls, Happy Isles, and admiring the snow.

This year we aren't actually going to do something fun. Instead we are finishing up some organizing that needs to be done prior to Rachel, and then Amy, Brad and boys coming for a visit in March. (different times, but nevertheless they will all be here... =)  )

With all that being 'said', isn't it interesting the holidays that cause you to miss your family? At least I can be grateful for some wonderful memories... and Presidents!

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