Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Old Roomies

Thirty-six and a half years ago I walked into my new apartment in Provo, UT. I had no idea what to expect. I hadn't even seen the apartment before, let alone who I would be living with in the coming months. I was the second person to arrive at our six-roommate apartment. I chose the room with the walk-in closet. Not because it had a better closet; it just felt right. (It's not like I had a lot of clothes back then, I've never been like that!)

Soon after arriving I met my first roommate, Elizabeth. Shortly thereafter I met Evelyn. My mom had helped me drive to Provo, and see me safely to my new surroundings, which was really nice. We went out to dinner, and then my mom took us all to Baskin Robbins, where Evelyn had never been before. (she was from New Jersey)

And that is how several life-long friendships began. Elizabeth was from Provo, and she and I roomed together. We also had Gwen, Susan, and Marilyn (Gwen's cousin). Gwen and Evelyn had been roommates their freshman year. Susan and Evelyn were both from the same ward in New Jersey. So, they all had a connection together, one way or another.

Elizabeth and I were definitely the outsiders...but it didn't ever feel that way. We all got along great! During the course of those two semesters together (minus Marilyn, she became homesick and went back to Vernal) Evelyn became engaged to Steven, while Gwen became engaged to Bob (all continue to be happily married).  Nevertheless, we had a lot of fun together. I believe we annoyed the apartment above us several times with all of our laughter and silliness!

I remember one night we were all being ridiculously silly and decided to prank Susan. She had gone in to take a shower, and we decided to put baby powder on her bed. (probably not the nicest thing to do...) She plopped onto her bed and poof! Baby powder all over her! We were in hysterics!

Well, since that time, Susan has passed away. (we all miss her) Gwen lives in the Jordan area, Elizabeth is married to Boyd and lives in SLC, Evelyn is in Texas, and I am here in California.

The following year/semester we (Elizabeth, Susan and I) had new roomies: Shannon, Kathy, and LeeAnn. That was the semester that Pat and I became engaged, so it was my last at that apartment. Elizabeth has recently gotten in touch with Kathy. So, she is now planning a May reunion during Women's Conference at BYU. I am giddy with excitement! I am also hoping that everything works out so that I can go!

After so many years I am still so very grateful for my old roomies. They may not realize it but they played an important role in my life. Elizabeth is one of my best friends. Shannon and Evelyn I keep in touch with on Facebook  Gwen is in touch with me also, a little. So, it will be great to see all of them, and to spend time catching up on their lives. I won't mind being at Women's Conference either! I love the Spirit that is present there.

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  1. You HAVE to go!! That would be too much fun to pass up on. I'm so excited for you!! What a great idea!