Thursday, February 14, 2013

You gotta have heart!

Today is Valentine's Day...a day filled with love, and romance. Can you feel it in the air?

While I am grateful for Valentine's Day I am thinking a little bit deeper than that. Those of us who have healthy hearts should be grateful for the genetics we have. My mom is 87 years old, and her heart is still going strong. There is absolutely nothing weak about it! She comes from a long line of strong hearts.

Her father lived until the age of 89. Her mom died in her late 20's, due to an accident, of sorts. Her grandma, my grandma-great, died at age 86. Her mom's sister lived to be 92! From looking at her family history looks like they live into their 80's at least. Not bad!

On my dad's side of the family his mom lived to be 82, while his dad died at the same age my dad died: 64. That was about the typical age of death for my dad's siblings as well. Hopefully, I don't take after that side of the family! ;)

At any rate, today is a great day to be grateful for having a healthy heart, and healthy genetics, in that respect. I'm pretty sure I take after my mom in this area, I do most things, so, why not?

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