Sunday, February 17, 2013


Today Pat spoke in a ward in Tracy. His subject was the Plan of Salvation, apparently with a focus on temples. He told the story about how his family was sealed in the temple:

They had been converts for about three years, and his dad decided that they needed to be sealed together as a family. They got in their black car (at the end of June, beginning of July), with red vinyl seating, and no air conditioning and drove some 5,000+ miles to Mesa, AZ, where Pat's aunts and uncles lived.

Pat was 13, his brother 14, and Cheryl was 3. During the drive they lost all four tires, and had to have the shocks replaced.

The kids did not enjoy the drive... to say the least. As he tells it they pulled up to the Grand Canyon, he and his brother got out and said, "Yep, that's the Grand Canyon" and turned back to go into the car.

What teenagers!

As he talked about his family, their sacrifices, and the difficult circumstances they endured ('they' meaning his parents), I gained a greater appreciation for what they did, and the impact it has had on our family.

I am so grateful for their courage, their strength, and their determination. Their actions became a legacy for our children to live up to... it has made all the difference for us.

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