Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Good people

This morning when I was talking with Linzi on the phone I was also putting gas in my car. While we were talking a man that was getting gas in his car caught my attention to tell me that my front right tire was flat. (I had noticed a few days ago that it looked a little less perky, but forgot to mention anything to Pat.) Since I was talking I thanked him and then continued to talk with Linzi.

My plan was to go to Costco and get gas and then shop. By the time I finished talking I had forgotten to look at my tire. The thought did occur to me to go over and talk to the people at the tire store and see what they could do for me. (we purchased the car used, from our neighbor's mom, and they had the tires put on from Costco, so I wasn't really sure how Costco could help me) But, I figured that I was only going to get a few things (right) so it would be no big deal to ask them afterwards.

At this point in time I had not seen my tire. Oh well.

After shopping ($130 later) I drove over to the tire area and then took a look at my tire. Not good. Definitely FLAT. I had forgotten that their office was inside which meant that I had to walk back to where I had just been.


A man and his wife were in front of me. Apparently they had ordered tires six weeks ago and one of them had not yet arrived. That man was not happy. I don't blame him. The manager got on the phone for him, ordered the new tire, and the man was still not happy, but was hopeful that things would be taken care of.

At any rate, that took over ten minutes. (and all I could think was... if I had just stopped here when I had finished shopping that would have been so much better) My knees were killing me. Finally I stepped over to the counter and leaned against it. (I know, it's ridiculous that I can't stand for that long any longer. See why I need to do my exercises?)

Finally, Bill, the manager, was able to assist me, once he figured out that I was not with the other man (his wife had gone out to shop by then, again, I don't blame her!) I explained the situation and he said he technically couldn't help me, since we hadn't purchased the tires. I kind of expected that. His implication was that I would have to purchase a new tire in order for them to help me. While I understood I felt a bit deflated. I've been sick off and on the past week with either a cold or stomach bug, take your pick. So, I am not yet up to par and get worn out much quicker than usual. I don't know if he could tell I wasn't taking the news well, but he said, "tell me where your car is and I'll go have a look at it."

When he returned he said, "yeah, it's flat alright." Then he proceeded to tell me that even though he's not supposed to help me, he would see what he could do. He had me sign a paper, took my keys and walked out. I put my head down while leaning against the counter because I was beginning to be overcome with emotion - I was so grateful. I cannot even tell you how such a simple act of kindness meant so much to me, but it certainly did.

An hour later when the tire was fixed (had a nail in it), he pulled it out of the garage and said, "it's all yours." I was shocked that he wasn't charging me to fix the flat.

While driving away I said a prayer of gratitude, for the man that pointed out my flat, and for Bill the manager, who took the time to take care of someone he wasn't supposed to take care of. I am so grateful.

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  1. One of the reasons I love to give Costco my tire business is because of how they fixed our tire the day after we got married. Costco has such great people working for them.