Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sam's family

Last night Rylee decided it was high time we see her new glasses! So, we were able to video chat with Sam's family. She looks adorable in them, of course. She is such a talkative little miss that I wish we lived closer so she could come over and we could chat while making cookies, or doing something fun... maybe shopping or lunch out? Hmmm. Hopefully, someday!

Sadie and Chloe were both sick, but they still managed to give us a cheerful 'hi!', which of course we love. It was fun talking to Sam and Linzi also.

Today, we were able to see the 'new' (not here yet) baby via cell phone and facebook. Yay! We don't know whether this is a boy or girl, but we will sometime early July - when he or she makes their appearance. Oh, the fun of a good mystery!

I am grateful we were able to video chat with Sam's family, and that we could see a picture of our new grandchild. Life is good. :)

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