Monday, April 30, 2012


Yesterday Pat drove me to Oakland airport so that I could fly to Utah to visit with Craig, Angela,Lucas & Darci. Unfortunately Lucas and Darci are sick so we aren't able to do all that we planned. We thought they were both better so we went to BYU campus (always a must for me). Lucas noticed other people eating outside at the 'picnic' tables outside the Wilk and thought that was a great idea! He said he wanted to eat at a table on a chair, I suggested we go eat inside at a table on a chair, he thought that was a great idea. So off we went to the Cougar Eat (confession: I still miss the old one). We all opted for Subway sandwiches. As we were eating we could visibly watch Lucas losing steam. He could barely keep his eyes open. Poor little guy. Now he is running a fever again and feels miserable. :( Even though we weren't on campus long I could still feel the wonderful spirit there. I am so grateful for BYU and all the amazing blessings I have because of attending college there.

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