Monday, April 9, 2012

Eventful day

Some days start slow...and then unexpected events occur. Sometimes those events change your life, gratefully that did not happen today. The first, and thankfully not life-changing event occurred when I decided to go for a bike ride this morning. I was a short distance from our home crossing a street where there was zero traffic. As I crossed the street this yellow beetle bug came racing up going about 45 mph! The girl had a stop sign, I was literally right in front of her. She showed every sign of not stopping, so I yelled at her, and went out in the middle of my street, leaving the safety of the bike lane. She screeched to a halt...and I am so grateful she did. I am grateful it was a close call and not a hit!! The other thing that made my heart sink today was when Linzi texted me and said they were admitting Rylee into the hospital. (Can I just express how much I dislike being so far away from our family!?) Ryles had her tonsils out last Wednesday and is now dehydrated...she will be spending the night in the hospital so she can be her cheerful, sweet self again. I am so grateful she is being taken care of. While it was a crazy day I am grateful all is well.

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