Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Outlet stores

This morning I ventured over to Tracy, first to go to WinCo and pick up a 'few' things (totaling $80)! It's so funny how when I go to a less expensive store I end up spending more because everything is a great deal! (and we are adding to our food storage, so why not take advantage of a bargain, right?) Secondly I went to Tracy to  shop at the outlet stores. Pat needed a new pair of Khaki's and Van Heusen has them on sale for $22.99...not bad. I also got myself a few things.

Sadly, due to the economy, many of the stores have left the building...or area, I should say. However, in Livermore/Pleasanton they are building a bigger and better outlet mall. I believe I will be shopping there when the kiddo's come for a visit. (us Dell's like a good bargain!) I am grateful for the outlet mall we have so near to our home, and for the one that will soon be just a bit further away.

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