Monday, April 23, 2012

Not again! :/

Our cat, Missy, was absent alllll day yesterday. We started getting concerned in the evening. Back in the day when she was young and spry we wouldn't have been concerned. She has been known to disappear when warm weather hit...and it sure did hit this weekend!  You could say it used to be her mo...but not anymore. She is now 13 years old, and feeling her age more and more...i can relate.

Last night, just after it became dark, we heard an odd cat -like if she was angry but couldn't quite get her frustration out. Pat opened the back door and in limped Missy, in a hurry to get to our room. She was injured, couldn't even jump up on our bed.

Uh oh.

As much as she loves being around us, she was not a happy kitty and she let us know her feelings.

This morning we took her to the vet. Worse case I am grateful that it was not that serious!! Instead she has arthritis in her 'ankle', along with achilles tendonitis. She is still one sad Kitty, but at least she is home and comfy.

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