Friday, April 6, 2012


When the book series of "The Hunger Games" were first read by the girls they told me that it isn't something I should read. They know me quite well, and understand that violence, negativity and I don't mix. A few days ago when they were discussing the movie they both said that they now think I can handle it, and that I would enjoy the movie...I have no idea why.

Since I've been sick and not good for much of anything around here I decided to read "The Hunger Games." I haven't been disappointed (unlike a certain vampire series). It is well -written, clever, and not always predictable!

Is it violent? Somewhat, yes. However, it isn't violence for the sake of violence, but for survival...that makes a difference to me. I am grateful for the ability to read. I am grateful for well written, imaginative stories that pass the time when I'm not feeling great.

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