Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Hunger Games and a good friend

Last week my friend, Brenda, called and invited me to go see "The Hunger Games" with her. I had not yet read the book. At the time I had just come down with a bad cold and she was about to go out of town, so we opted to see it this week. Today was the day. I read the book last week, and enjoyed it. I was appalled at the thought of children's lives being of such little value to those in charge, and the 'power' they held over those dwelling in the Sections, and how little they really cared for anyone in their 'country'. It was awful. I was heartened by the goodness found in others, whether they lived in the sections or in the capital. Some, obviously were shallow, others had much greater depth (Cinna).

As I watched the movies those feelings were more intensified than when I had read the book. I found myself being grateful for the blessings we have - we aren't being starved by others, we don't have to send our children away to fight to the death to prove a point. Yes, I know it is a fictional world, but I can still be grateful for the blessings we have in our reality.

I am also grateful for a good friend that will invite me to see a movie that my husband would never see with me! (nor hers with her!)

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