Saturday, April 21, 2012

I married up

This week Pat had hopes of going to Yosemite today. However, when we found out on Thursday that it's National Park free entrance day, he opted not to. He does not like crowds, at all. After deciding not to go he asked me what we should do instead, as in where should we go? Being the California girl that I am my first thought was the ocean! Not necessarily the 'beach', just the ocean. How I love the ocean. We talked about going to Monterey or Half Moon Bay - I let him decide, since either works for me. He thought it'd be great to go to Half Moon Bay; it's closer, we have a favorite restaurant there (too), and we love to walk along the beach.

I had visions of us enjoying lunch, then watching the waves roll in as we sat comfortably on our chairs. Half Moon Bay isn't usually overly crowded, it's just wonderful.

On our way there Pat decided to turn on the radio and listen to traffic reports. We were literally within miles of the turnoff for the San Mateo Bridge - which takes us to our destination, when the traffic reporter talked about how horrible the traffic was to Half Moon Bay - miles and miles it's backed up. That road is not one to be on for miles and miles, it is windy and slow going then.

Anyone who has been there knows that it isn't a big place - there's  not a lot of room for a lot of people, or cars. So, we decided not to go. He was willing to drive me to Monterey so that I could enjoy a day there. But I know him, and I know he wouldn't enjoy himself as much as if we'd gone to Half Moon Bay. After driving south for a ways we opted to go home. Yep, home.

Picture my sad face. Yes, sad. This is about the third time this year when we've had hopes of going to Half Moon Bay only to have it thwarted. I didn't even see the ocean! Not once!

So, how did I marry up? My sweet husband was willing to do whatever it took to bring a smile to my face. I wasn't having any of it. I'm afraid I sulked. So immature, I know. Believe me I let myself have it pretty much all the way home. Not my Pat, he did not; he was understanding and sweet. I am doing better now. I am still disappointed, but I will live. It's not like Half Moon Bay is going away - or Barbara's Fish Trap.

I am grateful for a loving, long-suffering husband, who has chosen me to be his eternal companion. I am pretty sure there were plenty of girls who'd have counted their blessings if he had chosen them too. I'm so grateful I married up. ;)

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