Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Food storage

Like many others we have quite a bit of food storage. Some of it we've had for twenty years. On Saturday we finally busted out our wheat grinder, ground some wheat, then made delicious homemade wheat bread. Pat and I have been discussing our food storage a great deal, and gathering more along the way.

Some of our canned goods will soon expire so I've decided to figure out how to use some of the ingredients we have and make them into meals. This is definitely a new adventure for me as I experiment with the likes of canned corned beef, roast beef, and yes, even spam!

Oh dear, what have I gotten myself into?

Last night I made Hawaiian baked beans, which calls for baked beans, pineapple, hot dogs, and various condiments. Instead of using hot dogs I used spam. Now, the hot dog version is better, but if we were in an emergency situation the spam works great. We hope we never have to use our food storage, but if we do I am so grateful we have it and that I will know how to cook with it.

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