Monday, April 29, 2013


Yesterday I came home from church early. My knee was in pain and I figured I needed to rest it since we are going on a trip soon. We were also having our home teacher over fairly early so we were having an early dinner. After resting for awhile it was time to make dinner, which was (thankfully) pretty easy. In the meantime Pat had come home. We were sitting together on the love seat when the rice cooker dinged. My legs were folded sideways and when I went to straighten my right leg my knee would NOT bend! Not fun. It was quite apparent that I would not be able to serve our dinner. Thank goodness for my sweet husband, seriously. A few hours later, after icing my knee I was able to limp around, with the help of a cane. Today I rested my knee all day and it is much better...I am very grateful.

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  1. A trip to see us! I hope you feel better before the trip!