Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Last week was interesting for me. Two women I knew pretty well passed away. The first, my friend's mom; the second, my friend. They were both unexpected, and on some level welcome. My friend's mom, as I expressed last week, would be reunited with her sweetheart. My friend was leaving hers behind, for a time. The first had lived a long, full, happy life. The second had lived thirty years less (at least), nevertheless, her life was full, and happy. They were each relieved of the pain they had been in, which is the welcome part of their deaths. This has given me cause to ponder on the importance of this life, and to evaluate where I am on this road. My life-road is in decent condition, but there are several repairs I need to make so that it will be smoother and less bumpy. While the repairs aren't major, they still need to be made. I'm grateful for the perspectives we can gain from these types of experiences.

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