Tuesday, April 2, 2013


We were a little late in giving the little misters their Easter gifts. (as I am in writing this post... oh well!)We did simple things like a coloring book, a chocolate bunny, squirt guns, a ball, and little packs of cookies. They all liked their gifts, but James was pretty excited to have his own cookies...to the extent of hiding them under our bed at one point. When they came back from their other grandparents home they hadn't had dinner yet (7pm). I didn't realize that James hadn't eaten so I asked him if he wanted a piece of pie. He was excited to have "chocolate" pie. However, we had peach pie. When I explained that to him he was crushed! So, I began throwing other suggestions at him...like cookies! He quickly recovered and said he could have his "little cookies"! (Which were still under our bed.) We went to my room to retrieve them, happily, I might add. He then ate his dinner, and then a few of his cookies. That was when he became generous and went around the room "sharing" with each of us. He was so sweet. I'm so grateful for his generous spirit that is already manifesting itself. What a sweetheart.

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