Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Family History

A few days ago I decided it would be fun to make a list of girl names from our family history. Let me tell you, it took several hours to get them all down! Why would I go through all that effort? We are expecting our ninth grandchild in July; and Sam and Linzi have so far produced girls! Plus, they have their boy name all picked out, and have for a while. I just thought it'd be fun to give them a little help! ;)

What I decided to do was to go along each line on family tree. Wow! That turned out to be quite the enlightening experience. We thought Pat's family on the Godfrey side only went back to the 1400's. Apparently more work and connecting has been done and on one line we went back to 36 BC. We are assuming this information is correct, but we aren't positive. However, it was fun to see the famous, or even infamous, relatives that we have: William the Conqueror, Constantine, Kings of Norway and Sweden (huh? on the Dell side?), and Roman Emperors! After we found all of that in his line I told him he is a mutt, but he insists he's European! It's exciting to have a line on his side that goes back a l-o-n-g ways!

On my side we found that I am related to Lady Godiva on the Breed side. Somehow, that doesn't surprise me!

The funny thing is I contacted Linzi to give her the names, and she said on Monday they'd been looking at our family history for names...and that she thought Hepzibah Agnes would be a perfect name! ;)

Then, since Amy is such a history buff I gave her a rundown on the info we figured out. She said she's been thinking more and more about doing family history. Same with Rach. I contacted her because she loves a certain girl's name and hopes, when she has a family, to use that name for a daughter. She had the same reaction...been thinking about family history.

Funny how the spirit works when it comes to family history - it seems the time has come for us to get things more in order! :)

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