Thursday, April 25, 2013

Respectful remembrance

As I mentioned several days ago, a friend of ours from Ripon Ward passed away last Friday. We were able to attend her memorial service today. I'm kind of glad they didn't call it a 'funeral'. While that may have been what it was, I like the term 'memorial service' much better. It's a personal preference, seems a bit more positive to me.

One of the things I 'enjoy' about these type of events is the fact that we get to see people that we have known and loved for years. Craig and Rachel's fifth grade teacher was there, and of course, loved hearing about all of our kids. Former members of the ward that had moved away or that have become less active were there, to show their love and respect for Lori and her family. Three of the four former bishops were in attendance. The current bishop commented on how great it was to have Pat there as one of the former bishops. Then there were the people that we remain friends with to this day and see from time to time. Still, I love to see their faces, get their hugs, express our love. That is the best things about funerals/memorial services.

Also, it was wonderful to have Don, Lori's husband, tell of Lori's life, their children's memories, and her personality. We were able to hear loving words from Karen Ippolito; the Plan of Salvation from Mike Johnson, parting words from Bishop Brown. Rebecca Welsh was able to sing a beautiful solo; she has MS and it was a struggle for her to get to the stand and podium, but she did a beautiful job.

I am grateful for all of the above. Mostly I am grateful for the great plan of happiness that has been provided for us. There is nothing more important in this life, or the next.

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