Monday, April 8, 2013

Video cameras

Last night Pat was downloading all the videos he has taken of grandkids in the past few months. SO fun! He had me come in and watch as Jack-Jack was learning how to play patty-cake with me. Then he showed me a video of Darci where she was jumping on the twin bed in the study and was super excited and had this adorable deep laugh! We couldn't help but to laugh at each of them. Funny how something like that can bring you so much joy. We will definitely be getting more videos when we visit Utah in a few weeks, and then when we go to Idaho for the baby's blessing. We are looking forward to that! (I think we will have to squeeze a trip in to Oregon and visit those guys too!)

I am grateful for our video camera, and the joy that it brings to us, as well as our grandchildren and their silly, sweet, amazing antics. They have each captured my heart.

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