Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Years ago, when my mom lived with us, my friend Janet volunteered to come over and give her a pedicure sometime. I had never taken her up on it, and then my mom moved away. At this point in time my mom can't get around much. She is basically a shutin. (spelled 'shut' wrong at first...that wasn't good! oops.) As a result I had planned on taking my mom out to get a pedicure. She hasn't had one since December. I have been asking her about it and she would just say 'not yet'. Finally, last week I told her we were going to go and get one this week. She agreed.

Then I remembered this tidbit of information, that Janet had volunteered ten years ago to give us that service. So, I contacted her and she agreed to come this morning and give my mom a pedicure. It was great since my mom could lie in her bed as Janet took care of her toes and feet. After Janet was through it was time for my mom to take a nap. That was a few hours ago, and she is still napping.

I am so grateful for a friend like Janet that would come and serve my mom so willingly. My mom had tried to pay her, and Janet wouldn't allow her to. What a sweetheart...what a friend.

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