Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ghiradelli outlet sales

We are fortunate enough to live near a Ghiradelli outlet, as I've mentioned before. On Wednesday "Our Best Bites" had a printable wrap for friends to use on the large chocolate bars. I thought it would be fun to pick up five chocolate bars ($10) and take some to friends. While at the Ghiradelli store I did some browsing, and happened upon their milk chocolate chips @ 6/$10! We always keep chocolate chips on hand, it's just the smart thing to do. ;) Then I started gathering the chocolate bars - once I had them I noticed a basket beside them with a package of assorted chocolate bars - 14/$14!!! Incredible! Now I can give many friends yummy chocolate bars! I'm grateful to be blessed to give even more! Pretty sure they'll be grateful too.

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