Sunday, April 7, 2013

Minor miracle.

Every once in a while I notice a minor miracle in my/our life. Today we had one of those. As I mentioned yesterday we are in General Conference mode around here. Unfortunately, the ability to watch Conference is dependent upon our cable/internet working. This morning it was not. It seemed to be teasing us for a while, though. At first it wasn't working at all. Then when Conference began it started working. THEN - it stopped, only to begin again when President Uchtdorf was beginning his talk, and lasted all the way until we saw the painting he was referring to in his office. Then it was gone.


I finally decided to call Comcast, again. This time I was able to speak with someone. She told me that all of Manteca was out, a major outage. Yikes. She also said that it would be out until 4:17 pm. She was just that accurate. As I was about to hang up Conference was on again - with Elder Andersen speaking for a few more minutes. Hooray!

I have no idea what or how it happened, but I do know that my prayer was answered. I am grateful to have heard the words of wisdom from the Lord's servants - and for our minor miracle.

PS - Later our internet kept acting up. We just chalked it up to be the whole Comcast thing. But the TV was working, so I figured there must be more to it - I totally fixed it by rebooting our modem. I'm so proud of me! :)

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