Tuesday, April 16, 2013


One of the sisters that Pat hometeaches has been a widow tor a few years now. When we met her a number of years ago her husband was still living but suffering from Alzheimer's. He didn't talk to us much which was understandable. She has been in poor health for awhile, with unexplained dizziness and other issues. The last few times he called to go and visit she wouldn't allow him to come since she wasn't feeling well. Last week she was admitted to the hospital, then to a care/recovery facility. She is in her nineties so it's not surprising that her health is failing. Pat had wanted to give her a blessing but she wanted her son to. He finally arrived today so Pat is over there now assisting him. I'm grateful for a faithful husband and worthy Priesthood holder that is always willing to serve in this capacity. I'm pretty lucky.

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