Sunday, April 21, 2013

Unexpected blessings

A good friend of ours passed away Friday night. She had been diagnosed with cancer last fall. At that time she had undergone surgery where they removed the tumor from her liver, they had removed it all. If I remember correctly it was six to eight inches in length.

Lori had been recovering well. In fact I was able to see and talk to her at the end of January at our Stake RS activity. She looked tired but said she was doing great. Then, on Saturday, the 13th, I received a caring bridge email from Don, her husband, who gave a rundown of the last four months. At first I thought it odd that a message was coming through that source, since it's usually used for people that have serious illnesses. As I read about the wonderful times they spent with their family I was happy that all was well. Then the news came that the cancer had returned with a vengeance - not only to her liver but also her lungs.

From the sounds of it she was given four months. But with cancer who ever knows? Friday night she passed away while sleeping comfortably at home, with her husband, sleeping in a chair nearby. We heard about Lori's passing yesterday afternoon. I was grateful that Pat had been assigned to speak in their ward today.

Don came in with two of their children, sitting right behind me. Don had served as one of Pat's counselors when Pat was bishop. How fitting that we should be in attendance today. Don mentioned to Pat that he was certain it was not a coincidence that Pat was there today. How grateful I am for the simple, seemingly meaningless blessings we are given, just when we need them the most. While it may seem a simple thing to some, we know that the Lord is in charge...especially when you realize the speaking schedule was arranged months ago.

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