Saturday, April 20, 2013

Happy 29th Amers!

As a mom it's hard to believe when your kid's reach certain ages. Wasn't I just holding them as a newborn? Where, oh where, did the time go? It went by so fast, I can't even tell you how fast it went. Now, here we are, in middle age living as empty nesters (minus my mom). We knew it would happen, that we would eventually end up here, we even hoped for it; now that it's here on many levels I wish it wasn't. I miss my little family.

However, since this is a happy occasion, I will focus on a certain Mrs' birthday - namely, Amy's. It's funny how I can see certain traits and characteristics of hers in her children, even in some of my other grandchildren that aren't 'hers'! These are some of the things that I love about Amy -

1) her smile - it's contagious
2) her naivety - just plain cute, and kinda reminds me of my mom sometimes =D
3) her love of life - she has always loved living. It's always made me think of the premortal existence; I'm certain when we were choosing who we would follow/which plan, she was raising her hand enthusiastically for the one that the Savior stood for, I think she still is, in her own excitable way.
4) her love of animals and nature
5) her love of history, and family history
6) her desire to bring our family closer as a sister and daughter, and to be a great mom and wife
7) her love of Rach - soul sisters for sure
and 8) her love for Pat and I

I'm grateful for this 'little girl' of ours - that use to pirouette around in front of the mirror! 
Happy Birthday Amy! I'm so glad you are twenty-nine! Right where you belong! :)
Enjoy your day at the beach!

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