Saturday, May 25, 2013

Back roads

We went shopping in Livermore this morning at their outlets. We left home at 9 since they open at 10, wanting to beat the rush...which we did. Success!

Then, on the way home there was a two lane, 5 car crash, in the Altamont, which meant that things were really slow going. So, we opted to get off the freeway and drive around the back way to get home. It worked! Pat insisted that he'd never been that route before, but he had, I know because I was with him at the time. :) We both enjoyed the country drive, where there were a good number of cattle, and vineyards to see. The stress was diminished substantially, and I'm pretty sure it was quicker for us to go that route.

I am grateful for a) my smart phone with the map on it so that we could b) take the back roads and get off the dreaded traffic-crowded freeway!

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