Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Family History Success!

Pat and I are piecing together his family history as we go along. This new Family Tree is, well, new, and a bit trying at times. However, I think I found his great uncle, but I'm not sure because some census takers either hear wrong, and spell what they hear, so it leaves much to be desired. However, on that note, I am pretty positive that there was only one Charles Addison (Anderson, according to the census taker) and Maggie Singleton who were married on the same date in Welland, Ontario, Canada!

Pat's grandpa died at a fairly young age, in his early thirties, I believe from emphysema, so we don't know much about his immediate family. We do know that he had a brother that lived in Buffalo, but we have no idea what his name is...until today, that is. We also know that Pat's grandma and dad were living with them when Pat's grandpa died and he basically kicked them out, with no place to go. So, not so very nice, but still he's family and we need to take care of his work. (hopefully he has repented of that action)

At any rate, the guy's name is Irven Wilbert Dell. Looks like he went by the name "Irve", interestingly enough. And, he and his wife didn't have children until their mid to late thirties. Also, it looks like he was a golf pro and owned a golf shop, back in the day (1940's)...who knew that golf would be that big of a thing back in those days, especially in Buffalo!

Also, their mother, Margaret Singleton (Maggie), was born in England, and we know when, but that's about all. However, now I have found multiple Maggie Singleton's that could fit her description in an England census...the problem is we would only be able to guess. She was an orphan, and her records were destroyed in a church fire. So...we'll just leave that one for another time, like the eternities...unless Maggie wanted to visit us and tell us what she now knows! BUT - that would just be scary, to me at least. (Oh, ye of little faith!)

I am grateful for the success I am having working on Pat's family history; especially since it belongs to our posterity, and I'd do just about anything for our kids, and grandkids.

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  1. My sister is working on this same line. She is trying to find more information about Margaret (Maggie) Singleton. Please, where did you learn that "she was an orphan, and her records were destroyed in a church fire?" I noticed on her marriage she had " " " " for parents. Does that mean her mother was also Margaret Singleton? If so, could this possibly be her?
    There was a New York passenger list for the ship "The Queen" arriving 24 Sep 1870, from Liverpool and London, England.
    Margaret Singleton 24 , spinster, England
    Margaret Singleton, 1, female infant, England.