Friday, May 17, 2013

Frances Monson

"Behind every good man, is a good woman."

Our Prophet, President Thomas S. Monson knows that quote to be true from very personal experience. This morning he lost the love of his life, for a time. How grateful I am to her, and to the other prophet's wives, who have stood by their side, and often behind them, giving their support, encouragement, and love along the way. Frances Monson was a wonderful example to us of how we should be: faithful, loyal, loving, etc., to all of their family members. She was also Swedish, which endears her to me even more. She was never in the spotlight, and she seemed to be happy where she was.

Thank you, Sister Monson, for all that you did, all that you were, and all that you are. We love and appreciate you.

An article from Deseret News:

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