Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

I wish I were more computer savvy! However, I am not. What I am is able to cut and paste! So, I've cut and paste this link from It's a beautiful tribute to mothers, without saying a word. I'd strongly recommend that you enjoy it; it's uplifting and honest, and makes you grateful for the blessing of being a mom.

...speaking of which - One of the greatest blessings in my life has been to be a mother to our four children. They have taught me to enjoy life, the finer moments of life! They have brought me joy and sorrow, but mostly, thank heavens, joy! They have taught me the importance of family, and why I want it to be eternal, more than I already knew. Simply put, I love them and am grateful for them.

The stages of motherhood are interesting. At first you fall in love with this newborn whose every need you are there to fulfill. Then you fall in love even more deeply as they experience all of their 'firsts'; smile, laugh, word, rollover, step, walking, etc, etc, etc. They continue to win your heart as they string their words together into sentences, or do things you never thought they would, like crawl into a fireplace and get charcoal all over them (thank goodness the fireplace hadn't been used in a very long time, Craig!) Then as they learn to explore the world around them, learning their colors and the alphabet, discovering their talents, or dressing up as Superheroes, petting ladybugs, flying kites, learning to ride bikes, being in plays at school, learning Primary and other songs, learning to read! Oh my! Onto the next stage where they learn better reasoning skills...'if I do this, then this might happen,' and they learn to choose the right all on their own, sometimes they choose the wrong, and learn the hurt that inevitably comes with that. Then they discover true, lasting, friendships; believing that their friends will be with them throughout life and being fierce in their loyalty to those friends. Eventually they move away and those friends change, but their loyalty never does. Somewhere during this time they gain a testimony of what is truly important to them - and they begin to nurture it, and you get to watch it grow, and sometimes even take part in it! Before you know it they are off to college, or missions, or marriage. In the blink of an eye they are all gone, one by one.

Before you know it, you end up where I am... with everyone moved far away, and loving them all from a distance, including all the grandkids that you get to grand-mother.

Yep, I miss my babies. Each and every one of them.

For those of you that find yourself in the midst of those years I just described above - I am happy for you. Enjoy this time. I know you hear this all the time from us old folks, but seriously, hold your kids close, they go away far too quickly. Enjoy your Mother's Day with them; let them give you all those hugs and kisses they want to give you, each one is a stitch in your heart that binds you to them...for which you will be forever grateful.

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