Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy 32nd Brad!

Happy 32nd Birthday Brad-ly! aka B-Austin!

Brad joined our family nearly nine years ago, officially. He actually became a member of our family almost a full year before that! Once he saw Amy he was smitten - heart and soul. When they began dating he became a permanent fixture around our house. He was here when he wasn't sleeping or working; and sometimes he was even here when he was sleeping! We actually started setting a place at dinner for him nearly every night! Yep, he joined our family long before they were married!

I am grateful for Brad, for the man that he is, and the man that he is striving to become. I know his heart is in the right place. I know he does his best to provide for his family, and to teach those little boys, the mister's (or rascals, however you want to perceive them) what is right, and what is good, and what is honorable. He loves them and treats them accordingly.

I am grateful that he loves our Amers; that he is good for her, and they are happy together. That means the world to me. There is something different about trusting your daughter to a son-in-law than there is in trusting your son to a daughter-in-law. Not that you don't care deeply about both, but letting go of your little girl, who needs to be cared for and loved differently than your son does, is hard. You want the best for all of your children, for them to be happy; and you need to trust that their spouses will be that person that helps bring them the happiness they are deserving of.

So, yes, I am grateful that Brad is that person for Amy. He takes care of her and gives her the love and support that she needs. They are good for one another, and that makes me happy.

Happy Birthday Brad! We truly are grateful to have you as part of our eternal family. :)

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