Saturday, May 11, 2013

Day date

The last time we went to Half Moon Bay was two years ago when we took Sam, Linzi, and the girls there. It seemed that everytime we planned on going something would happen to prevent it. The other day Pat asked if I'd like to go today. Naturally I was willing! We left home around 10 am, since he was getting things done. By then it was 80° outside. We knew it would feel refreshing to have the cooler temperatures as well as feel the sea air. (Which it was on both counts.) Our first destination was Barbara's Fish Shack, one of our favorites. As expected there was a long line of people waiting to be seated. We gave our name and they said it would be ten minutes! Ten minutes?! Now, admittedly, I am deaf and it was rather noisy so I seriously wondered if I had heard correctly. Five short minutes later we were being seated. Yay! We decided not to get our favorite fish and chips since we both have less tolerance for fried foods. I had delicious fish tacos, and Pat had broiled fish with coleslaw (he thought he'd get the chips part though.) Our food was great! After eating we drove south for a few miles, we stopped and walked to the edge of a hill/cliff. Below we saw baby seals with their momma's. So cute! Then we drove home. I'm grateful for the beauty of the ocean, yummy food, and time with my sweetheart.

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