Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pie crust

 Our cherries are all in, and Pat picked all of them... there was an abundance. (which we happily shared with many) Due to the Memorial Day holiday, and what I thought was going to be our BBQ dinner, I decided, on Sunday, that I would venture out of my comfort zone and make cherry pie - completely from scratch. (Pat ended up being sick, no BBQ for us) Baking from scratch is nothing new to me, however, I have never even considered making cherry pie filling for homemade pie! Once I got the idea into my head there was no getting rid of it; I was going to be making a cherry pie!

What is the next step following that type of decision? Research on the internet! The first recipe I came to was from Food Network, and it seemed pretty simple. The others all seemed to involve more work than I was willing to do, and sometimes even canned cherry pie filling. In this case, that would not work!

One of the suggestions it gave was, "use your favorite pie crust recipe." The only  recipe I could possibly even consider my 'favorite' was one that ends up with five pie crusts! I did not want that. So, I turned to my 'favorite' place for recipes: Our Best Bites. Sure enough, I found a great pie crust recipe. BUT, the best part was that they explain, step by step, how to make pie so that it is nice and flaky. Who doesn't love a flaky crust?

I've made a decent amount of pies in my 57 years, but none that compare with how well this pie turned out. Imagine how grateful I was when the crust turned out AMAZING, not to mention the fresh cherries were the best! (I'm not a great fan of cherries, so that's saying something!) Mu suggestion - if you have a desire to make any kind of pie, and want a really great pie crust, go to Our Best Bites, you will not be disappointed!

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