Monday, May 27, 2013

In Memorium

Raising the Flag at Iwo Jima

Today is Memorial Day in our country. It is a day to remember those who gave their lives for us, or suffered on account of our freedom being jeopardized. It is also a day to remember loved ones who have passed on. On this day we honor them by remembering what service they have given to us and our country.

When I was in seventh grade one of my friends, whose mother had passed away, talked about Memorial Day and how their family always put flowers on her grave. For some reason that stuck with me. I knew that we had celebrated those who gave their lives for our freedom, but really didn't pay much attention to it. After all I was only twelve, what did I know? I'm certain my parents talked about it, but it just didn't sink in, until my friend talked about visiting her mom's grave. No, her mom hadn't served in the military; but she still deserved being remembered by those that love her.

One of the things I love about our city is that there are flags all over the city on the main streets. It's uplifting to drive down the road and view all those flags. That really hits home. I love our country, I am so grateful to be a citizen of our country. I am grateful for each and every person that made our freedom possible, all the way back to the Revolutionary War through the current war on terror.

Our dads both served in the military as young men. My dad joined the day before WWII ended (lying about his age, he was only 17). Pat's dad served in the Korean war. Neither of them were in harms way, thank goodness. Then, Pat's brother and nephew both served in the military. They sacrificed a great deal of time away from home on our behalf. I am grateful to all of them for the service they did give.

I am also grateful for the families of those who serve. Those families who lost time with their loved ones or lost their loved ones. What a sacrifice. It's not one I've ever been willing to make.

We all remember where we were and what we were doing when 911 happened. That was scary. We had no idea what was happening. Our country, the United States of America, was being attacked! That was difficult to comprehend. Then to hear about innocent people losing their lives, and the police and firefighters who willingly went in search to save the lives of others, only to lose their own. Heroes, each and every one of them, whether they were in a plane that they chose to crash land, or at the Pentagon helping others, or at the Twin Towers; all of them should be remembered this day.

When 911 happened I felt a need to gather a few things and save them for our posterity. We have two Newsweeks; one where they are raising the flag, and the other where the Twin Towers are a blazing inferno. Then I also went to the post office and purchased the 911 stamps (of those raising the flag). They have been sitting around for nearly twelve years and I finally decided to do something with them. I had them framed with the magazines flanking the stamps. It turned out quite nicely. One of these days I'll take a picture and post it on my blog...maybe on 911.

This has been a really long-winded post, only just to say how grateful I am for those who have served on behalf of our freedom, and those who currently are serving in this capacity. We are blessed.

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